Manualist & Tire Pumpist Jim Rotondo's
Original Works & Parodies

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2010's "Burrito Supreme/Tortilla Surprise", a parody of The Eagles' "Tequila Sunrise"

2010's "Motel 6 in Cleveland", a parody of The Eagles' "Hotel California"

2009's "No Butter On", a parody of Badfinger's "No Matter What"

2009's Dos Equis parody: The Most Unusual Musician in the World

2009's Sweet Georgia Brown

2009's Blue Danube Waltz

2009's Godfather Love Theme

2009's A Day in the Life (of a Novelty Musician)

2009's Urine K-Mart
(a parody of Rod Stewart's "You're in My Heart")

2009's Collagen Girl
(a parody of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl")

2009's Choke on the Goiter
(a parody of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water")

2009's All Iguana Dew (is crack sum puns)
(a parody of Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do")

2009's Sadder Day in the Bark
(parody of Chicago's "Saturday in the Park")

2009's "Genitals on My Mind" (parody of "Gentle on My Mind"):

2009's "Fried EEL" (parody of Kenny Roger's "Lucille"):

2009's "Big Mouthful to Bite" (parody of Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"):

2009's "Lemon Meringue Pie" (parody of "Live & Let Die"):

2009's "Interaction" (parody of "Satisfaction"):

2009's "The Chicken's Fryin'"
(parody of "The Sky is Cryin'" - Clapton/SRV):

2009's "Corned Beef & the Cabbage Done?"
(parody of Neil Young's "Needle & the Damage Done"):

2009's "Change Sharpeners"
(parody of Stephen Stills' "Change Partners"):

2009's "While My 2 Hands Gently Weep":

2009's "Pump My Tire", (parody of The Doors' "Light My Fire"):

2009's "Lo Mein", (parody of Clapton's "Cocaine"):

2009's "Black Magic Marker", (parody of "Black Magic Woman"):

2009's "I Shot the Sheriff" parody,
"I Burnt the Pancakes (but I did not burn the Scrambled Eggs)":

2009's "Dead Mouse", a parody of Jimi Hendrix's "Red House":

My 2009 take on ZZ Top's "TUSH":

2008's "These Hands Are Made for Fartin'" (parody of "These Boots..."):

(Backup Hands courtesy of Bruce "The Handman" Gaston)

2008's HandFart Country Medley
featuring "King of the Load" & "Comode to Joy":

2006's "Let it Beef" (parody of "Let it Be"):

2005's "White Ball" (parody of Cream's "White Room"):

2002's "Sid Crock" (an original mockery of Kid Rock):

"Beatles' Love Song Collection via Hands/Tire Pump:

"Musical Hands on Broadway":

1983's "Shootin' Blanks Rap", an original story of a vascectomy:

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