Jim Rotondo, Manualist

MANUALISM - "The unique ability to produce music by squeezing the palms of the hands together."
HISTORY OF MANUALISM - Cecil Dill ('14), John Twomey ('70's-90's), Bruce Gaston ('68-current) & ME.
TIRE PUMPING - "The art of controlling air flow from a Bicycle Tire Pump nozzle." ($10 K-Mart black)
HISTORY OF TIRE PUMPING - Wild Bill Chapell and Yours Truly represent North America.

Manualist Jim Rotondo, the "Italian Virtuoso", was born in Philadelphia, Pa but grew up in Southern California from 1970 thru 1990. It was there that his extremely rare gift of "Manualism" was born, the unique ability to play songs by simply squeezing the palms of his hands together. Jim can also serenade by controlling the airflow from the nozzle of a Bicycle Tire Pump (K-Mart, $9.99, Black). In addition to his many appearances in comedy clubs, churches, prisons and retirement homes, Jim has appeared on many TV shows including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "Good Day Philadelphia" and was recently a finalist on "America's Funniest Videos". Currently the only human on the planet playing hands AND tire pump, his 30 minute "Feature Act" can be seen regularly at the many Comedy Cabaret locations in the Delaware Valley. What? Don't live in the Philly area? My Online Videos will have to do!

Dorothy Gale, the Cowardly Lion AND Perry Como---closet Manualists?

After 70-649, if a candidate passes 70-270 too, he is qualified to go for 646-204 as well as 642-901. If he takes the 642 series, he can eventually clear 220-601 too.

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