Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young @ Wembley Stadium 9/14/74

Movie #1 Setlist (1:32)

Love the One Youíre With
Wooden Ships 
Immigration Man 
Military Madness 
Johnnyís Garden
Almost Cut My Hair 
Teach Your Children
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
The Lee Shore
Time After Time 
Itís Alright 
Another Sleep Song 
Our House
Hawaiian Sunrise 
Star of Bethlehem 
Love Art Blues 
Old Man 
Movie #2 Setlist (1:37)

Change Partners 
Myth of Sysiphus 
You Canít Catch Me-Word Game 
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Deja Vu 
First Things First 
Donít Be Denied 
Black Queen 
Pushed It Over the End 
Pre-Road Downs
Carry On