Robert's Disability Fraud Reward: $250,000 Fine - 5-Year Prison Sentence - Restitution of all Received SSDI Payments
(He chose the above plan instead of paying the 14k on the unreported Substantial Gainful Activity....brilliant!

When you inhale too much must cough it out. When you ingest must vomit it out.
A Christian can only absorb so much evil........and then spew it out........on this page.
I've had enough after 12 years. The party is over. Time for sentencing.
Make America Great Again....Jail Ray Costner.
Join us on June 30, 2021 at the end of the fiscal year as we'll call the SSDI Fraud Hotline @ 1-800-269-0271
and submit a 12-year slam dunk evidence trail of bank records, accounting records,
under the table cash flow as ordered by an equally crooked priest, and audit findings.
All gardeners have a right to reap from what they've sown, hence he'll get
5 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and Restitution of all received SSDI benefits.

The American People (Tax Payers, Actual Disabled Folks, Christians)
vs. Robert Ray Costner (Tax Evader, Disability Fraudster, Bigot)
for the Crimes of Criminal Tax Evasion, Disability Fraud, Harassment,
and many more assorted White Trash Activities..
Portrait of an Able-Bodied Fraudster Milking the Government
of Funds intended for the Most Vulnerable in our Society.

August 31, 2020
$47,770 is the current under the table total for our Village Idiot.
$48,445 is the projection by JR retirement date of 10/30/20.
: Make America Great Again...Jail a Costner. Heck, audit the whole family and fill an entire wing at Shawshank.
June 8, 2020: When the office reopened on this date, the miserable priest mocked the STAY AT HOME ORDER as my "4 month vacation".
NOTE: It was actually 11 which he celebrated 77 consecutive public Masses going against the Governor's and Bishop's order.
As we approach mowing season, our Village Idiot is now slated to earn over $600 per month under the table scalping the lawn and vacuuming the church lobby weekly, hence will break $50,000 under the table by the end of the year if not jailed beforehand. Being a financial wizard, we now realize that instead of paying about 13-15k tax on that unreported Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) to his SSDI office, he has opted for the $500,000 Grand Prize detailed above. Brilliant.
1/29/20 Update: $44,320 worth of hidden, untaxed wages that continue to nail the coffin shut for our Village Idiot.
12/31/19 update: Over $44,020 under-the-table earnings to tax evader, able-bodied fraudster & SSDI milker Robert Ray Costner. For 11 years I've seen him milk the government, screw the government, and then have the audacity to complain about the government. In addition to Criminal Tax Evasion and Disability Fraud (based on over $40,000 of unreported SGA--Substantial Gainful Activity--, our hero's resume also includes a Harassment Conviction that featured the Trump-esque threat, "You need to go back to your own country lady." An accomplished bigot, Ray unfortunately stills calls them "colored people" having not received the memo the past 4 decades. White Trash is alive and well in Merchantville, NJ and will soon be discarded when he least expects it. The standard penalties for SSDI Fraud are a $250,000 fine, 5 years in prison, and RESTITUTION of all previously received SSDI benefits. Will be sure to visit him at Shawshank where he'll spend quality time with idiots of his own ilk.
The report below is dedicated to the 2 mental midgets responsible for running a church into the ground like a 9-11 jet:

12/8/19: For the first time in over 12 years, our SSDI recipient is now actually disabled by 3 broken ribs. It happened AT HOME, not at work, thus a fraudulent Workman's Comp case "should be ruled out", but hey, let's face it, we're dealing with a crooked idiot with an equally crooked boss. Now every chronic coughing episode, caused by too many Lucky Strikes, that got him SSDI in the first place, will be a nice ribbing reminder of his life of fraud.
7/1/19 new fiscal year update: A 65% wage increase was granted to our career criminal, specifically going from $1,140 per month to $1,880 that includes $300 per month under the table for vacuuming a church lobby and leaf blowing the pews thereby dirtying the sanctuary and altar of the former church.
INSURANCE FRAUD: Fond memories of the Great Costner Heist of All Saints Day, 2015 when his son Junior stole all of the company's power tools. Ray's BFF boss did not press charges. Hence, Junior got his drug money, Dad got a new set of power tools courtesy of the Insurance Company, then returned an unnecessarily bought $200 snow blower to get the deductible back.
CONSUMER FRAUD: Our hero used the church's tax exempt account to buy a $300 pressure washer tax-free from Lowes. He then used it 6 months for his personal under-the-table business, then returned it for a full refund.
NORMALLY, one would think that it's miraculous that a 60-year old "disabled person" on full SSDI benefits would be able to, over the course of a decade with no apparent limitations, mow, plow and shovel a 5-acre property in extreme heat and cold, haul tons of gravel, landscape pavers, soil and mulch, dig and plant hundreds of plants, bushes and trees, and then at the end of the work day boast "Now I'm gonna go home and work on my deck". Miraculous? No. Mr. Costner doesn't have a religious bone in his system. The KKK (Kostner the King of Krude) is forced to go to church every 12-18 months by his ball and chain. Holy Fraud Batman. So, on behalf of all taxpayers and actual disabled people, especially those denied SSDI benefits, like my Hemophiliac son, we look forward to the day this career criminal is incarcerated. When our hero is finally imprisoned, he takes his boss, who condoned these crimes, down to hell with him. Bad idea to ignore multiple warnings and audits.
AN AUDIT in September of 2014 did unveil $4,000 of that year's $8,390 under the table earnings to our fraudster. BUT, his BFF Boss did not respond or submit a Plan of Correction to the audit. Neither did the audit company follow up, hence, I"ll have the next auditor in Sept. of 2019 just add a zero to the $4,000 as Robert surpassed 40k on 5/15/19. There's a decade long paper trail in bookkeeping and bank records that will eventually crucify poor Robert.
YOU MAY WONDER how this idiot qualified for SSDI in the first place.
In short, this angry cuss smoked too many Lucky Strikes and now WE ARE FOOTING THE BILL.
You can report disability fraud to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of Inspector General Hotline at:
1-800-269-0271 or
They'll explain the law so detailed that even a 3rd Grader can understand it....but probably not Robert.
THIS POSTING is protected by the First Amendment and the Whistleblower Act and is dedicated to law-abiding tax payers..
YOU GUESSED IT, our hero has the personality of an old brick wall: crude, insulting and obnoxious. Whilst he was on trial for that 2015 Harassment Case, I received a call from an angry local lady who said, "I just received a harassing call from your maintenance man." I said, "Yep, that's him, sorry about that, we'll make sure he doesn't call again."
WRONGWOOD GARDENS replaced the church in 2008. When the church, school and ministries were thriving with $7,200 per week in contributions, the pastor mowed the lawn and the water source was a garden hose. Now the church barely brings in $4,000 per week and has over $7,000 worth of sprinkler systems opening the floodgates to record setting water bills to water hundreds of plants, bushes and trees that cost thousands of dollars. Weekly mowing for high charges occur whether or not the lawn needs mowing. So, seeing the landscaping makes visitors THINK we're doing well. Fact is, we're about to close.
DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER? A crude, classless bigot has no character.

A HARDENED CRIMINAL, after years and years of federal crimes, no longer knows the difference between right and wrong, and thus feels entitled to all the "benefits" of illegal activities. That's why we have Correctional Institutions.
IMAGINE for a moment you're an 18-year FT employee entitled to 4 weeks vacation time per year.
IMAGINE flushing 131 vacation days down the toilet since a criminal replaced your last co-worker, a bookkeeper.
IMAGINE doing 95% of the bookkeeping for no compensation since that bookkeeper was replaced by said criminal.
IMAGINE for the 12th straight summer vacationing one Friday at a time in your house doing yardwork
WHILE the criminal gets a week at the shore and 2 weeks in Colorado...for the 12th straight summer.
ENTER SICILIAN VIGILANTE. This will cancel the criminal's retirement plans. Shawshank Redemption.
Here our crude, bigoted church employee, like every year, directs & blows church leaves
across the road to the neighboring school's property for their "fast, little Mexicans" to clean up.

Top 5 Acronyms for Camden County's Worst:

1. KKK - Kostner the King of Krude
2. TVI - The Village Idiot
3. QWT - Quintessential White Trash
4. RCPK - Ray "I still call them Colored People" Kostner
5. GBTYOCLK - Ray "Go Back to Your Own Country Lady" Kostner

The videos below were inspired by The Village Idiot.
"He who has ears, let him hear."